Wiki Notes

General notes on Wiki's past, present and future.


  • Will host up to three domains for free
  • Does not automatically link camel case words - boo
  • Limited Interwiki function. Appears only three are supported. An example on TWiki shows how much more useful it can be.
  • Archive content: Admin - Security - Backups
  • Google Analytics: on Site Manager - General Settings.
  • NWP favorite wiki page home link is recent changes
  • APRSISCE Wiki is good wikidot example.

Other Wiki Technology

  • NWAPRS was originally running on MoinMoin.
  • NWP getting lots of experience with TWiki at work. (Twiki is a little robot.) A fork of TWiki is FOSWIKI.
  • New NWAPRS wiki and are running on MediaWiki - same as wikipedia.
  • Hamwan uses tiki wiki which is more of a full CMS package.
  • Smallest Federated Wiki may be the next generation.
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