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Individual Amateur Radio Operators in the Seattle area with a significant interest in Packet Radio and/or Packet Radio systems on the air

Frequencies in the Seattle area with Packet Radio activity

Where we were
Steve's article on the late, great Wetnet system


Frequencies with Packet Radio Activity

Packet Radio Networks

Packet Radio Groups
Mesh - http://nw-mesh.wikidot.com/start

  • Breakfast meeting

Packet Radio Activities
aprs sg

Seattle Area D-Star and Yaesu repeaters
Because… they also repeat Data (well, kind of, in the case of D-Star)

Below is archival, from the wiki I cloned.

Amateur Radio Operator and Station N8GNJ

Blog - http://www.n8gnj.org
Twitter - @n8gnj

(Other N8GNJ Amateur Radio blogs, wikis, etc. to be added)

Frequencies of Interest

Demonstrations in Development

Amateur Radio Digital Communications Conference Ideas

9600 baud Packet Radio TCP/IP

Village Telco Mesh Potato v2.0

Shack Systems in Development

Antenna Systems

Computer Systems


Packet Radio Systems

Power Systems

Voice Radio Systems

Mobile / Nomadic / Portable Systems In Development

Mobile Computers

Mobile Packet Radio Systems

Mobile Voice Radios

Nomadic Packet Radio System

Portable Computers

Portable Packet Radio Systems

Portable Voice Radios

Long Term Projects

Links below relate to Amateur Radio Digital (Mostly DATA) Communications

If it isn't related to Amateur Radio Digital (Mostly DATA) Communications… somehow… it's not on my lists.


… that aren't companies


Publications, Websites, etc.

The N8GNJ Packet Radio Library

Exciting Developments in Amateur Radio Digital (Mostly DATA) Communications

NW Digital Radio UDRX (PDF)

  • News from a conference 2015-03-21 - the computer "half" of this system will now be a Raspberry Pi 2 (GREAT move!)

Whitebox / Algoram

Networking Over HF Radio (no reason it HAS to be HF…)

TNC-Pi / TNC-Black - Not mentioned in the linked page, but a version is under development for 9600 baud

Icom D-Star data-only (No link yet) - Use nearly all 4800 bps of a D-Star transmission for data instead of 3600 being reserved for digital voice

  • This is significant because the Icom-blessed version of this will allegedly work through every deployed D-Star repeater… thus every D-Star repeater can be used as a data repeater when it's not nattering voice or inane linked blathering

Yaesu System Fusion DR-1 Repeater

  • Significant because you can pass… it seems… 9600 bps through this repeater (data-only mode)

TDMA-based Digital Voice... and Repeater Watch the last 5-10 minutes of this video.

  • Think of a TDMA repeater as a digipeater that operates on 5 mS or so units - not entire packets, or entire transmissions. With 5 mS switching, it seems like realtime full duplex. This is going to make the average ham's head explode… not to mention that the repeater coordination cabal will just CEASE to be the LEAST BIT RELEVANT! But… but… they'll sputter… This is THE reason to go to digital voice - single frequency repeaters with a 5 KHz channel. I don't know what the data rate is, but it will probably be 2400 - 4800 bps, and if they do it right, there will be a bit that says whether the payload is voice (data systems - ignore it) or data (voice systems - ignore it). Supposedly this is on a quick development cylcle, to be ready for at least prototypes by end of 2015. David Rowe has a track record of delivering.
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